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    Mix together your favorite hobby with your vacations. West Macedonia uses her landform gifts to provide you, through modern facilities and organized trips, with the ability to accomplish the activity of your choice. Even if you are fan of x-treme sports or a peaceful trekking walk is the ideal for you, either you are an amateur or experienced, find easily what activity each count of West Macedonia has to offer and which season. 



    The biggest river in Greece Aliakmonas, the second tallest mountain Smolikas and one of the biggest lakes Vegoritida are included in West Macedonia. Also, is the hostess of two natural parks, the one of Valia Calda and the park of Prespes, and the famous Dragon Cave. Imagine how many natural sights there are for viewing. Take a walk over a canyon, visit an underground cave or take a boating ride to a lake so you can make your connection with nature. Learn more about the natural sights of West Macedonia and choose your trip.



    Visiting other places you can see and learn from a closer view about their culture and history. West Macedonia has a lot to display in this area too,even from the prehistoric era. Get to know each count from a visit to a museum or sight, attending a local custom event and tasting a traditional cooking recipe.Find useful informations about the cultural proceedures, the sights location and the dates of the custom events.



    The only sure thing is that you 're not gonna regret choosing West Macedonia as your destination place for your vacations whatever the type of tourist you are. West Macedonia provides you with a variety of accommodations regardless of you staying to a far tiny village or a big city. Easily, find hotels based your needs across the four countys.



    Find useful informations, telephone numbers and driving ordes through the interactive map. Also, take a taste of West Macedonia from our photo albums and the videos we present for you.




The Prefecture of Kastoria has limited agricultural production. The main cultivated areas are located around the lake of Kastoria as well as on the plateau of Upper Aliakmonas River. The main agricultural products of the Prefecture are cereals, legumes, apples and vegetables.

Special emphasis has been laid on supporting agricultural products and underlining local origin and quality. The apples as well as the beans of Kastoria have been classified as protected geographic mark products. Important steps have also been made for the development and support of organic cultivation.


Stockbreeding, despite the reduction in the number of sheep and goats, has significantly developed in the field of production, processing and trading products concerning meat, milk, wool, leather and dairy products.

Forest Economy

Forest resources hold an important place in the economy of the region. The rational exploitation of forests, protection and sustainable development are the main objectives. The cutting and road engineering works carried out led to a significant increase in the production of wood.

The enhancement of trade and the exploitation of the forest wealth can strengthen local employment, help the population living on the mountainous areas and lay the foundations for the development of tourism.