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    Mix together your favorite hobby with your vacations. West Macedonia uses her landform gifts to provide you, through modern facilities and organized trips, with the ability to accomplish the activity of your choice. Even if you are fan of x-treme sports or a peaceful trekking walk is the ideal for you, either you are an amateur or experienced, find easily what activity each count of West Macedonia has to offer and which season. 



    The biggest river in Greece Aliakmonas, the second tallest mountain Smolikas and one of the biggest lakes Vegoritida are included in West Macedonia. Also, is the hostess of two natural parks, the one of Valia Calda and the park of Prespes, and the famous Dragon Cave. Imagine how many natural sights there are for viewing. Take a walk over a canyon, visit an underground cave or take a boating ride to a lake so you can make your connection with nature. Learn more about the natural sights of West Macedonia and choose your trip.



    Visiting other places you can see and learn from a closer view about their culture and history. West Macedonia has a lot to display in this area too,even from the prehistoric era. Get to know each count from a visit to a museum or sight, attending a local custom event and tasting a traditional cooking recipe.Find useful informations about the cultural proceedures, the sights location and the dates of the custom events.



    The only sure thing is that you 're not gonna regret choosing West Macedonia as your destination place for your vacations whatever the type of tourist you are. West Macedonia provides you with a variety of accommodations regardless of you staying to a far tiny village or a big city. Easily, find hotels based your needs across the four countys.



    Find useful informations, telephone numbers and driving ordes through the interactive map. Also, take a taste of West Macedonia from our photo albums and the videos we present for you.

Learn about the animals and plants




The floristic list of the study area includes 649 (species , subspecies and varietes).This list is shown by clicking the link bellow :

Coming soon...



enidrioThe aquarium Kastoria "Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeo"w , with respect to the accuracy of knowledge ,host natives and endemic fish and freshwater bodies (lakes and rivers)in Greece.Our promise to welcome the questions of the new generations and beyond.An obligation to convert them to a new knlowledge  , with a puprose the harmonious coexistence  of human-lakes-rivers.An aquarium that represent Mediterranean lake and river ecosystems in a contemporary way  , it will offer a unique show for young and old one , aiming to raise awareness and inform the public on the diversity of species and their habitats.Grab the opportunity and explore the lakes and the rivers of Greece with us. 

The fauna of the region is characterized by the presence of important , rare and endangered species.Details for each class attached summary table :

Πίνακας 1.

 1  Ursus arctos  Bear
 2  Rupicarpa rupicarpa  Wild Goat
 3  Lutra lutra Otter
 4  Canis lupus Wolf
 5  Capreolus capreolus  Deer
6 Sus scrofa Wild Boar

Πίνακας 2.

 1  Testudo hernanni

Mediterranean- Turtle

 2 Lacerta agilis  Sand Lizard
 3  Vipera berus  Αlpine Viper

Πίνακας 3.

 1 Salamandra salamandra  Salamander
 2  Bombina variegata  Yellow Toad
 3  Bufo bufo Common Toad 
 4  Rana graeca  Greek Toad
 5  Rana ridibunda  Lake Tide
 6  Triturus alpestris  Alpine Newt
 7 Triturus cristatus  Great Crested Newt

 Πίνακας 4.

 1  Accipiter gentilis Northern Goshawk
 2 Accipiter nisus  Eurasian Sparrowhawk
 3  Actitis hypoleucos Common Sandpiper
 4 Aegithalos caudatus Long Tailed Tit
 5  Apus apus Common Swift
 6  Apus melba Alpine Swift
 7  Aquila chrysaetos Golden Eagle
 8  Ardea cinerea  Gray Heron
 9  Athene noctua Little owl
 10  Buteo buteo  Common Buzzard
 11 Buteo rufinus  Long Legged Buzzard
 12  Carduelis carduelis European Goldfinch
 13  Carduelis chloris European Greenfinch
 14  Certhia familiaris Eurasian Treecreeper
 15  Cettia cetti  Cetti Warbler
 16  Charadrius dubius Little Ringed Plover
 17  Ciconia nigra  Black Stork
 18  Cinclus cinclus  White Throated Dipper
 19  Circaetus gallicus Short Toed Snake Eagle
 20  Coccothraustes coccothraustes  Hawfinch
 21 Corvus corone  Carrion Crow
 22  Cuculus canorus Common Cuckoo
 23  Dendrocopos medius Middle Spotted Woodpecker
 24 Dendrocopos syriacus Cyrian Woodpecker 
 25  Emberiza cirlus  Cirl Bunting
 26 Erithacus rubecula  European Robin
 27  Falco tinnunculus  Common kestrel
 28  Fringilla coelebs  Common Chaffinch
 29  Galerida cristata Crested Lark
30  Garrulus glandarius  Eurasian Jay
 31  Hieraaetus pennatus  Booted Eagle
 32  Hirundo rustica  Barn swallow
 33  Lanius collurio  Red Backed Shrike
 34  Lanius senator  Woodchat Shrike
 35  Luscinia megarhynchos Nightingale
 36  Miliaria calandra  Corn Bunting
 37  Monticola saxatilis  Common Rock Thrush
 38  Motacilla alba  Whita Wagtail
 39 Motacilla cinerea  Gray Wagtail
 40  Oriolus oriolus  Golden Oriolus
 41  Otus scops Scops owl
 42  Parus caeruleus  Blue Tit
 43  Parus lugubris Sombre Tit
 44  Parus major  Great Tit
 45  Passer montanus  Three Sparrow
 46  Pernis apivorus Honey Buzzard
 47  Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis  Great Cormorant
 48  Phylloscopus bonelli Bonneli Warbler
 49  Phylloscopus collybita Common cliffchaff
 50  Picus viridis  Green Woodpecker
 51  Ptyonoprogne rupestris  Crag Martin
 52 Sitta europaea  Nothatch
 53  Streptopelia turtur  Turtle Dove
 54  Strix aluco  Tawnly owl
 55  Sylvia hortensis  Orphean Warbler
 56  Sylvia nisoria  Barred Warbler
 57  Tringa ochropus  Green Sandpiper
 58  Troglodytes troglodytes  Wren
 59  Turdus merula  BlackBird
 60  Turdus viscivorus  Mistle Thrush
 61  Upupa epops Hoopoe


end faq



The national park of Valia Calda.The excellent territorial conditions of the area and the largepluviometer height  , creates a favorable envirnoment for vegetation that presents mittleuropean composition.This main feature of the park is the vast and dense forests of black and vitiligo pines and beech  , that alternate from bare subalpine and rocky areasand from several small and large flums.

Other trees that meet in small groups or by individuals are fir (a few scattered individuals) , varius types of oak , maple and other deciduous boradleaf.The riparian veggetation consists from platanos , various kinds of willows , alder  ,Aria etc.The sub vegetation dominated by boxwood , many species of bush , creepers and deciduous shrubs.They also grown many protected endemic and rare species of flora.

Noteworth is the appearance of two small clusters of forest Pine(red pine) with 32 trees and 30 trees respectively in the valley near the stream Saliatoura.It constitutes the unique points of their appearance in the area of envirnomental education Grevena and constitutes valuable items from the research point of view , since it has the lower limit(geographical) spread.Rich is also the mycochlorida of the forest. 

The mushrooms are one of the most interesting and fascinating life forms hosted in the park and generally in the forest.Their beauty  , excellent taste of some edible species , the hallucinogenic  , toxic or lethal action of others  , and the ability of some species  to glow at night  , have given mythical proportions in any case in the wondrousworld of mushrooms.


 There is also a wide variety of herbaceous plants and orchids , may of which are rare and are of particular interest not only in aesthetic but also from research side.Particulary rich is the fauna of the park , not only in number of species but and rare kinds that have dissapeared elsewhere :bear , wolf  , wild boar , deer , fox , wild cat , badger ,ferret , rabit , squirel etc.Possible is the existence of Lynx.The bird-fauna includes very many species of eagles , vultures , woodpeckers ,raptors and nocturnal birds and numerous smaller (passeriformes). 

Have already counted 72 species of birds .It should be noted that identified eight of the ten species of woodpeckers and 17 species of mammals.In the park also found six species of amphibians and 7 species of reptiles  , which are quite rare and are protected worldwide.The Tributaries of Aliakmonas , the riparian and the wetland formations that have been created by Aliakmonas and the whole water element assosiated with it are a characteristic ecosystem.Starting from the highest to the lowest we find pines and firs , chestnut , oak ,cedar ,arbutus, ash , maples  , willlows , sycamores , herbaceous vegetation , reeds rushes, chitmum maritimum and other.They had beed recorded over 500 species of plants.Observed 215 species of birds , of which about the 1/3 nests in the envirnoment of Grevena.  

Over the 10% of birds are in the danger of extinction.Among them  , the Dalmatian pelican and curlew  , which are among the rarest birds in the world.The most important is that the 27 rare and protected birds that nests in the envirnoment o Grevena , such as the purple heron  , bittern , the black stork and the eagle owl which is a protected specie .Impressive birds ultilize the site to accommodate either overwinter  , such as ducks ,either to rest in their long migratory journey.From mammals estimated that are hosted in the area 17 species , among them many foxes , hares wild boars.Noteworthy is the otter , jackal , wildcat , wolf and deer , they are in danger of extinction.  .

Also 15 species of reptiles and 7 amphibians comes to completes the food chain of the Aliakmonas wetland area.In Aliakmonas found about about 35 species of fish .Of these around are indigenous and the rest imported by human intervention.Many of them are considered rare and one of them the Mafrotsironi  , does not live everywhere else in the world , is endemic.Since these types of fishes most of them have no commercial value , but only to support the organic food chain.Venetikos river , from the canyon of the cave until the intersection with Aliakmonas passes through three municipalites EE which are : Theodoros Ziakas , Gorgiani and Grevena

In the upper zone the are dense forests of Black pine (pinus nigra) and beech (fagus sylvatica ) by mixing in places with firs (Abies borisis-regis).In the upper forest limits in Vasilitsa and the area of Valia Calda important in the presence of Robola (Pinus Heidrechi) .Large areas are also covered by coniferus forests loose structure.The rocks are recorded the last 12 years more than 100 species of fungi .From the above species , more than a dozen have been recorded in similar habitants in EE Grevena.But one of them , the Amanita valens has been  recorded a single time thought Greece  , on the shore of Benetikou few kilometeres before the love.  

Flora - Fauna Vounasas

Fauna : 

The vounasa along with Chasia and Antichasia form a sort of natural bridge between the mountain range of Pindos the mountain range of Peristeri(Olympus) many mammals species move between these mountain ranges through Kamvounion.The kamvounia is the highest mountain  and reach down to 1645 m.  

The nature of Vounasa presents many types of ecosystems , diversity and rarity of organisms and so the tour covers all needs.The hiking marked trails and non give the oppurtunity to discover these beauties and meet an interesting varierty of animals and birds , including a few large predators , wolf ,golden eagle , buzzard, short-toed Eagle and a large number of commonly species typical of upload and rural ecosystems.Here we find some of the most characteristic species typical of upland and rural ecosystems. Here we find some of the most characteristic spesies of mountain fauna : deer, wolves ,foxes , weasels ,badgers ,hedgehogs etc.The main species of birds are : sparow , blackbird , magpie , turle dove , ringdove , raven , magpie , robin ,swallow ,eagle , cuckoo , owl , tsitsiliantros , thrush , skylark , bee-eater etc.

Flora :

The vounasa stands out in EE Grevena from Mediterranean plante species such as yew , rierce raki, mountain tea , oregano , balm , <ashfaqia> , yolk , etc. It is proven that the cultivation of yolk in Paliouria and Deskati had a traidition of the early 19th century.

In terms of flora , the main types of plants and trees encdountered are : fir , pine , oak , sycamore , willow  , yew , gabri etc.Famous product its the mountain tea , (the tame ais it is called) yellow and lime in smaller quantities.The vegetation of the area , which consists largely of pine and beech  , is rich and the climate is healthy , dry and cool  , especially in summer.

Mushroom Grevena

The mushroom friendship in West Macedonia

The western Macedonia has a significant tradition in recording , collecting and faceted promotion and exploitation of wild mushrooms.Finding and collecting them , ways of consumption , cooking recipes  , preservation techniques   , the popular names , proverbs and myths that have develpoed around the way of appearance and growth are part of the local traidition, floklore, the history and economy .We know that our people survived in difficult times of the occupation and the civil war consuming large quantities of wild mushrooms.As we told John Vergos(Tziampralis) from Kydonies Grevena , local residents consumed during the occupation tons of  wild mushrooms collected from nearby oak forests.Mushrooms was gathering in Mesochori where after being blanced in large cauldrons , distributed to all families in the form of common meal.Indicative of the assessment were previous generations had in wild mushrooms is the excerpt of a letter writen on 6/29/1889 , a craftman of stone  , to his wife : "Make me one cape ....Please send us and one kilo of mushrooms (dried mushrooms).Ιnside in the "tzepis" (pockets) in the cape put them ." (File Takaliou)

Mushrooms as lever of growth in West Macedonia 

Nowdays the interest for knowledge and collection of mushrooms presents an elation , as more and more are discovering the great taste and the thrill that offers both the experience of search and collection recording  , photo-shooting and their identification .It would not be an exxageration to say that the collection and consumption of mushrooms is one of the most popular ways of physical fitness , pleasant past-time , healthy food , recreational opportunity and escape from everyday life.The wild mushrooms in recent decades have became a prominent feature of the biodivercity of the western Macedonia region with significant economic -developmental dimensions.The western Macedonians have already won the title of champions of mushrooms friendship and mushroom knowledge ,Grevena proclaimed officially "The city of mushrooms" in 2007 and from 2011 in lavda Grevena operate the 1st Mushroom museum in Greece  , while in 2013 wild mushrooms officialy added to the basket of local produucts of the region of Western Macedonia.

Mushrooms are already a tourist pole attraction in western Macedonia , with increasing tendency. All or almost all the tributes that made in the last 10 years of western Macedonia and especially for Grevena , on tv channels  , radio stations , newspapers or journals included in their theme and the mushrooms.The contribution of mushrooms in the local economy , aquires nowdays and increasingly important role as the mushrooms finally stormed into the diet of local residents , in the cutlery stores and in the shelves of the companies that trading local products .Everyone knows that when we speak of pickled mushrooms , for dried mushrooms  ,frozen mushrooms , mushrooms in oil , liquer mushroom , pasta with mushroom and truffle , mushroom pie , sesame mushroom, delight with mushroomand of course for mushroom sweet (world originality) we are taiking about the products and the companies of Western Macedonia produce , cultivate or process.Manitaroproiontia Grevena  , Morena , idygefston M.Tokatlidis , C.Karagiannis , mountain Pindos farm , Meat Market Kottas , Butchers Chasia , Achilles ,Everything , Zoom , paradosiako , ,Euthimios Tataridis , Strata -Mitropoulos and Authentiko in Grevena Theocharis and Kataraxi in Smixi , Spitiko in Dotsiko and Mchos in Lavda.

manitaria 001 The mushroom-tavern Aylais has offered during the past 7 years more than 100 different types of wild mushrooms , a record for our country and perhaps for Europe.And other food  companies in Grevena have added their catalogs products with mushrooms : Trapeza geusewn , Vendi ,  Mushroom Shop , Akraion , Ekavi , Ellinikon , Merakides , Arkoudorema , Petrino , Mentzios , Lyxnari , Annie , ta kotopoula tou Taki , Grevena geusewn and hotel Achilion in Grevena , Pirostia in Mavranei Aetofolia of Pindos in Orliakas Don Constantino , Vasilitsa Resort  , Archontariki  , and eleutheria in smixi  , san palio paramithi  , Aloni of Hliou , Ziakas  , Villa Alexandra and kournoutis in Ziakas  , Papazisis and Driades in Kosmati , Raptis in Trikomo , Venetico in Tampouri , Kanias in Mesolouri  , Agnanti of Bega , Leonidas and Motsios in Filippaious  , Tsiougara in Aetia , Perdika , Pylaion and Aeropi in Cave  , Neraida  , Manito and Karakitsios in Lavda , Chalet liatsou in Vasilitsa , La Noi and Tavares in Samarina , Babis Foufas  , La Moara and Breati in Krania. And in the rest of Western Macedonia are growning companies that add to their catalogs mushrooms Doltso , Nostalgia and Antenti in Kastoria  loggas in Sidirochori of Kastoria , Platanos in kotyli of Kastoria , Totonidis on Vysinia of Kastoria tavern in Oxia of Kastoria , Platanos in Siatista of Kozani , Trata and Va bene in Kozani , En Velvento  in Velvento of Kozani  , Sergiani in Pentalofos of Kozani , Myrichos in Sisani of Kozani and 5F in Florina.  manitaria 002
The western Macedonians daily highlight the richness and beauty of wild mushrooms , producing the first speciments factor of modern mushroom culture in Greece with creations in photography  , painting , graffiti , graphic design , cooking , literature , ceramics , sculpture  , pyrography and crafts , publications of books , brochures and posters and entries in exchibitions inside and outside of Western Macedonia , also out of side of Greece too. It is obnious that wild mushrooms play an important role in local life  , and already fuctioning as a reconizable natural and cultural feature that displays the location and motivates the local workforce in many direction .Moreover , mushrooms and activities that take place arroud them , constitutes an important tourist attraction pole in Western Macedonia , in times of fruitfulness  ,  also in times of an organizing seminars and conferences  , especially in periods of organization events of Panhellenic interest.The mushroom as an element of Biodivercity as a scientific research object but as an element of the local economy and culture , embraced by the local communityand agencies.  

Clubs of Mushroom  friendship-Mushroom  knowledge in Western Macedonia 

In western Macedonia have their sheats  two mushroom friendship clubs : Mushroom friends of Western Macedonia (Kastoria 2009) and mushroom friends of Greece (Grevena 2012) .The objectives of the club includes the development of mushroom culture , dissemination of mushroom knowledge and mushroom friendship  , recording  fungi and finally the protection of habitats and the envirnoment in general.The primary challenge is the sustainability  , which requires respect for both mushrooms and the ecosystems in which they grow and hosted.Another key objective of the club is trhe knowledge that leads to mitigation of negative prejudice and phobia in sharpening acountability and normal sence of fear and thje risk stemming from the collection and consumption of wild mushrooms.In the activities of club includs the organizations of seminars and educational tours , publishing posters , brochures , calendars , video , dvd and books ,publications of articles in newspapers and magazines , organization of local events and panhellenic interest in cooperation with mushroom friendsclubs , mycologists and research centers of Mycology in Greece and abroad.

Giorgos Konstantinidis 
President  Mushroom friends oF Greece 

end faq



In fauna of the area prominent occupied by the birds , with Pelicans to be the symbols of the park.In Greece the number of birds which have been observed exceed 260 may be encountering in Prespa.Around 140 species nest in the area  , while the rest either hibernate or visit the area during migration.Of the seven species of Pelicans present in the world , the Dalmatian Pelican (Pelicanus crispus) and the rose Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) they are two endemic species in Europe and reprodused in the region, in join colonies but seperate groups nest.In Prespa is reproducing one of the biggest Dalmatian populations with number of pairs between 110-400 while the total number of couples is no more than 1400 worldwide.Among the other classes of birds , important is the presence of another world endangered specie , the pygmy cormorant (Phalacrocorax pygmaeus) .Of the varius kind of heron , the Great Egret (Εgretta Alba) is in the largest breeding population in Greece (6-25 of about 30 pairs).The area is still one of the most southerly breeding sites of "northern" species , Goosander (Mergus Mergasner).Apart from birds  , the Prespa National Forest hosts other groups of animals.There are 60 species of mammals such as the brown bear , the wolf and the chamois and there are otters in the wetland , 8 species of bats , while reptiles have been observed 21 species , 2 of which are turtles  , 9 species are lizardsand 10 are snakes.From amphibians have been observed 11 species. 


Εndemic flora this exactly variety of habitats is also reflected in the large number of different forms of life , both plant species that form the flora of the region , and animals that make up the fauna.Of the 6,000 species fo Greek Flora  , in Prespes found about 1400 species (almost 25%) .Of these some are paramount importance .The Centaur of Prespa (centaurea prespana) is an endemic specie  , there is nowhere else in the world , only in this region.The Phelypaea prespana parasite that grows only in two places in the Balkans.The stinking juniper or cedar or juniper , usually grows in bushy form.In Prespes and above the highest point of the road that connects Koula with fishermen around the chapel of St .George  , the two species of these plants (Juniperus foetidissima and juniperus excelsa) are the extremely rare for Europe form centenarian trees.

The flora of the region  divided into the following areas : 1) Wetland area that includes lakes and liquids plains.In this zone grow reeds, yellow and white water lilies , iris marsh (or lily of water) and "rogoudia".2) Rural zone : in this zone fall the farmland , the hay meadows for livestock and irrigation network and this zone you will meet rare for Greece the daffodils, orchids and radishes.3) Intermediate zone between crop and forest : here there are only shrubs. 4) Forest formations : in this area you will find shells -anchovies  , cedars ,beech , oak , fir  and boxwood. 5) In under alpine shrublands and under alpine grasslands : this zone starts over from 1600 to 1700 meters altitude.6)Alpine grassland : In a zone that begins over 1800 meters you will see only cold resistant grasses.

end faq


Flora and Fauna

Aliakmonas crosses EE Kozani and flows into the Thermaic bay just south of the mouth of the Axios river , creating an extensive delta rich in flora and fauna.

Vermion with history accompanied by myths , beliefs and deeds of heroes and gods , kings and saints  passages  , can be characterized by the most beautiful and richest in flora and fauna mountains of Greek area.Vermio neighboors and almost joins the with Pieria mountains  , having a natural border the sacred river of the Macedonians , Aliakmonas it has many springs and rivers dense forests of beech and fir trees , pastures.

Flora-Fauna Bourinou

Due to the great ecological importance and unique biodiversity Vourinos has been inclduded in order to protect  , in NATURA 2000 , the european network of special areas of conservation.

Among the peaks formed a large deep valley the famous valley of Mesiou (medium) water that attracts international interest bitanists , zoologiosts , entomologists and other specialists.Here ecosystems ensures ideal growing conditions for many species of plants , 15 of which are endmeic in Greece, while eight are locally endemic , unique in the world!

The flora of Bourinos presents particular interest.Dense forests and large , as in the other mountains of western Macedonia do not exist.However there arent completely naked land.In the center of the massif there are forestsof firs anbd black pines , anchovyand other broadleaves.In the northeastern foothills of Bourinos there is a large oak forest.Much of the mountain is covered by shrubland , which in many areas in an imprenetrable bushy forests , a true heaven for wildlife.That which characterizes the Bourino and has made known to botanists of Europe , the herbaceous vegetation and especially the wild flowers , many of whch are rare or even unique in Greece and Europe.Two-three species of wildflowers Bourinos are unique in the whole world.The uniqueness and rarity of this flora make Bourinos true botanical paradise.European naturalists and botanists , mostly Germans visits Bourino every year and studing the rare plants .The best time to admire the view of the flowery slopers of Bourinos is the end of May and early June.And the area that has preserved this rich Flora is more the central Vourinos , especially the northern slopes of the highest peak and the valley of Mesianou water.This valley  , as described enclosed by high peaks  , situated at a height of about 1,000 meters  , with light facing north and away from populated areas , maintained until today , untouched by human intervention , a large variety of plants.Through pine and other treestands in clearings, one in the spring can see the wonderfull top (where the green grass surrounding the beautiful variegation of flowers.The valley Mesianou waters has been declared by the state protected area.There herdsgraze in the area , but poaching is ramparnt , as in the whole of Greece.A few years ago jeeps were roamed undisturbed in the interiorof the valley on forest roads.   

Cut off from the other mountains of Wstern Macedonia Bourinos it was not possible to maintain today the fauna that once.Characteristics of the French traveler of the early 19th century Pukevil , who visited the northern fringesof Bourinos writes : The highest ridge ofthe mountains  , three quarters of leagues away , to Siatista called Tservena.The valleys are all meadows are full of deer , "Zarkadia" hunting of many species and red mountain partiridges with a special treat.beyond this first line we see unfolding the mountain ridge Bourino (FR..Poukevil Traveling West Macedonia .Spring 1806 . Tsaras John .Ed.Kyriakidis , Thessaloniki).

The northern side of Bourinos called today by Siatistian Tservena , Slavic name meaning red , because of the red soil (terra rossa) from the weathering of limestone rocks , but deer and  zarkadia do not currently exist or wild boars and bears .Only wolves , foxes , hares and they are rare in recent year.

Flora-Fauna Voiou

This is one of the most wooded and populated municipalities of Greece.Large areas of forest with various trees cover the valleys and slopes of the mountains , while in and around the villages there are many native fruit trees.Rare monuments of nature , centenarian oaks with more typical  , the "big elder of Vouchourinas" as the residents call it , an oak tree of over 600 years of life wrapped in memories and legends.Native wildflowers grow in many partsof Voio in the valley of "messier water" , there are 7 endemic plants unique to the world.The abudant in number and variety of flowers also preserve many rare insects.

The rich ecosystem  , with variations of many kinds of forests  , rivers , meadows , rocks and residential areas , contribute to the presence of a remarkable wildlife and birds.It has recorded remarkable biodivercity in reptiles and with ponds in Sisani , in bytho and brachos seems to create new wetlands  , since the first waterfowl have appeared.In the waters of rivers and lakes also live several species of fish.

Ondria mountains that dominate the area , impress visitors with amazing landscapes , multiform rocks , unique flora and fauna.A strange feeling cause the old legends for the pits there.  

end faq