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    Mix together your favorite hobby with your vacations. West Macedonia uses her landform gifts to provide you, through modern facilities and organized trips, with the ability to accomplish the activity of your choice. Even if you are fan of x-treme sports or a peaceful trekking walk is the ideal for you, either you are an amateur or experienced, find easily what activity each count of West Macedonia has to offer and which season. 



    The biggest river in Greece Aliakmonas, the second tallest mountain Smolikas and one of the biggest lakes Vegoritida are included in West Macedonia. Also, is the hostess of two natural parks, the one of Valia Calda and the park of Prespes, and the famous Dragon Cave. Imagine how many natural sights there are for viewing. Take a walk over a canyon, visit an underground cave or take a boating ride to a lake so you can make your connection with nature. Learn more about the natural sights of West Macedonia and choose your trip.



    Visiting other places you can see and learn from a closer view about their culture and history. West Macedonia has a lot to display in this area too,even from the prehistoric era. Get to know each count from a visit to a museum or sight, attending a local custom event and tasting a traditional cooking recipe.Find useful informations about the cultural proceedures, the sights location and the dates of the custom events.



    The only sure thing is that you 're not gonna regret choosing West Macedonia as your destination place for your vacations whatever the type of tourist you are. West Macedonia provides you with a variety of accommodations regardless of you staying to a far tiny village or a big city. Easily, find hotels based your needs across the four countys.



    Find useful informations, telephone numbers and driving ordes through the interactive map. Also, take a taste of West Macedonia from our photo albums and the videos we present for you.

Nome's mountains



Grammos mountain is a land of incomparable beauty and maybe one of the few unexplored destinations in Greece. It is at the borders with Albania and its highest peak reaches 2.520 metres.Its peaks are characterised by the extended grasslands, the alpine rivers and the virgin forests of beeches, oaks, firs, chestnuts, sycamores and pines. Here is where Aliakmonas and Sarantoporos rivers flow from. The forest of Barouga has been classified as “nature monument”. The absence of human interventions over the years maximises its ecological importance. In the heart of Grammos, on the site called Arrenes, there is a small lake called Drakolimni (Dragon Lake). It is a small natural wonder, located 1.740m above sea level. Among the frogs and water lilies of the lake, one can see a rare aquatic specie, the alpine triton, that natives call “fish with legs”.

Vitsi mountain, with its wooded slopes and its rare flora and fauna, is one of the most interesting destinations for naturist visitors. The highest peak of this important habitat, that is the natural border between the prefectures of Florina and Kastoria, is 2.126m. From the foot of the mountain up to one thousand metres, the forest is dominated by oaks, while from that point and up to the highest points with the alpine grasslands, the forest is dominated by beeches forming dense, almost impenetrable forests. The region is characterised by the presence of forty important plant groups, as well by a rich fauna. The main animals inhabiting the mountain are the endangered bear, the wolf, the roe deer and the wild boar. Vitsi is protected nationally as a game shelter. The visitor can explore the forest and observe the rare bird species nesting on its trees. 22km from the city of Kastoria, one can also visit the well-organised ski centre of Vitsi. It is located on the road from Kastoria to Florina, north of Polykerasos village. Its three slopes are inside a dense forest and they are all served by a single lift.



The mount Bourinos is very beautiful and fascinating from a geological point of view and “catches” visitors’ eyes. The rich forests, the special geological formations, the valley of “ΜεσιόΝερό” (Mesio Nero) with its rare flora and fauna, the numerous fountains and the unique beauty of “Elatodasos” Forest compose a magnificent landscape, and a complete tourist choice. Due to its great ecological importance and its unique biodiversity the mount Bourinos has been selected to the European Program Natura 2000, a European Network of Special Protection Areas.

The mount Askio or “Siniatsiko” with an altitude of 2.111 meters is one of the most significant mountains in Kozani’s Prefecture. Its eastern and southern part is rocky and bare, where the towns of Siatista, Galatini and Eratira are located, whereas the western part of the mountain has enough vegetation, particularly in the area where the towns Namata and Sisani are located.

The mount Vermio along with its history of myths, beliefs and achievements of heroes and Gods, Kings and Saints, can be characterized as one of the richest and most beautiful places of flora and fauna among the Greek mountains. The mount “Vermio” is very close to the Pieria Mountains, having Macedonian’s holy river of Aliakmonas as a natural border. There are lots of rivers, dense forests of fir trees and beeches as well as pastures. The two largest ski resorts in the country are in the mountain of Vermio, Seli and the “3-5 Pigadia”, ski resorts of great natural beauty.

The mount range of Pindos is the largest in Greece and supplies water to the two thirds of the Greek population. A very important part of the mountanin, which stands for its rare beauty and ecological value, is protected by two national parks: the national park of Vikos – Aoos in Epirus and the park of Valia Kalda in Western Macedonia. Moreover 6 areas are parts of the Natura 2000 network. Rocky slopes, high and impressive peaks, zestful streams, many springs and mountainous lakes are the dominant pictures of the area. 

Between the prefectures of Kastoria and Kozani there is the mount of Voio with its beautiful small and big villages, the famous arched bridges and the mysterious forests. It is an attractive proposal for walking fans. 





pindosnationalpark logo eng Northern Pindos National Park

The protected area of Northern Pindos is one of the most important areas at both national and European levels. It uniquely combines natural and man-made environments and geographically unifies the pre-existing National Forests of Pindos (Valia Kalda) and Vikos-Aoos.

Rich in natural resources, numerous religious and cultural monuments, the region brought about the development of traditional villages into centers of touristic attraction.