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    Mix together your favorite hobby with your vacations. West Macedonia uses her landform gifts to provide you, through modern facilities and organized trips, with the ability to accomplish the activity of your choice. Even if you are fan of x-treme sports or a peaceful trekking walk is the ideal for you, either you are an amateur or experienced, find easily what activity each count of West Macedonia has to offer and which season. 



    The biggest river in Greece Aliakmonas, the second tallest mountain Smolikas and one of the biggest lakes Vegoritida are included in West Macedonia. Also, is the hostess of two natural parks, the one of Valia Calda and the park of Prespes, and the famous Dragon Cave. Imagine how many natural sights there are for viewing. Take a walk over a canyon, visit an underground cave or take a boating ride to a lake so you can make your connection with nature. Learn more about the natural sights of West Macedonia and choose your trip.



    Visiting other places you can see and learn from a closer view about their culture and history. West Macedonia has a lot to display in this area too,even from the prehistoric era. Get to know each count from a visit to a museum or sight, attending a local custom event and tasting a traditional cooking recipe.Find useful informations about the cultural proceedures, the sights location and the dates of the custom events.



    The only sure thing is that you 're not gonna regret choosing West Macedonia as your destination place for your vacations whatever the type of tourist you are. West Macedonia provides you with a variety of accommodations regardless of you staying to a far tiny village or a big city. Easily, find hotels based your needs across the four countys.



    Find useful informations, telephone numbers and driving ordes through the interactive map. Also, take a taste of West Macedonia from our photo albums and the videos we present for you.

go for rock climbing

Climbing and Mountaineering

 The climbing is the process of vertical forwarding on a rock , using only the natural terrain , the rope is just to stop the faill.It can be done at low clifs from 2 to 40 meters , but also in large alpine slopes  , this is why there is a differentiation of climbing kinds mainly based on the way of security. 

Mountaineering is the sport , hobby of profession to move arround on footin the mountains . (Oreo-Basia :Waiking in the mountains).  

In its broadest sence meaning , the term climbing includes mountaineering and ski mountaineering

  • Includes waiking on mountainous terrain through delightful landscapes with wonderful views. 
  • Includes waiking (hill waiking) and possibly rock climbing with ropes
  • Includes waiking  , rock climbing with ropes and climbing rock and ice in big mountains 


The rocks of Grevena in Orliakas and TsIourgiaka have accepted visits of climbers from the 90s and is also widely known for its beauty and wildness of the landscape in many mountaineers and climbers.Nevertheless a few routes opened , mainly by individual efforts  , and by strengthening the former municipality Theodoros Ziakas , under mayoralty of Ch. Petrou.Subsequently are listed indicatively some areas and the possibilities they offer for opening routes :

1. Field Damaskinies

Already have about 20 sporty trails spead of 25 meters and jaqs the potential for routes of up to three "ropes"(100 meters)from easy to very difficult and even "traditional".The altiitude of 1200 m  , where is the double orientation (East-West) , it makes it ideal for summer and climbing morning and afternoon .Its located 5km from the village Spilaio on the road to kerasia!


2. Field«Kima»

They call it some climbers with this way which have already opened there high difficulty routes. There already about five difficult routes(due to refusal and stalactite formation exists) and is ideal for good climber. It has potential for at least twenty more routes of various difficulties.Located outside of the village on to the road to Kerasia.

3. Field Portitsas

Its the most famous landscape and there are already five routes left by the bridge from difficult to very difficult , some of which may be continued upwards with additional "ropes" up to the top of the slope.In the surrounding area can be opened at least another 30 routes.

4.Field in the rocks of the entrance of village Spilaio

Here there are already two difficult routes of 25 meters each and has the potential for at least 30 more , particularly difficult and aesthetics due to the verticality and difficult strokes.The spread of the rocks are up to 50 meters so each can continue with another second "ropes" of 25 meters.Also after the bridge exists some fields below the park of "St.Elias" are approximately 100 meters and can provide several paths of three ropes , either sports of traditional character. 

These fields are only the basics , there are other suitable rocks in the area of the Spilaio.(Karouti , the village entrance ,Megali Petra etc) Of course only with the basic fields we have potential for at least 300 routes. The climbing picture of Grevena adds Tsiourgiakas in the Alatopetra where already open by chronic trails spread up to 200 meters of traditional character(at least 10)  , and every year organized climbers meeting with the help of the local group.The field requires renewal of old security , and enrichment with new sports or traditional character .There are possibilites for many more routes. 



The club Mountain Activities of Kastoria organizes in cooperation with the S.CH.O.K federal Climbing school level novice .Areas proposed for climbing .

• Climbing the rocks of the castle in Nestorio  , in village Vraxos  , also in the old Kotyli  in slope called "Charos".

• Climbing the peaks: Grammos (2520m) from the village Grammousta , Kiafa (2398 m) Flampuro (1882m) .

• Ascent of the canyon on the river Aliakmon (starting from the location of the River-Party in Nestorio) .

Mountaineering : Test your stamina by climbing the peaks of Grammos (2.520 m) from the villagfe Gramousta  of Kiafa (2.398m).And Flamburo (1.882m) .Climb the gorge of Aliakmonas , starting from the location of River-Party in Nestorio.




In Kozani based the Mountaineering club of Siatista , where he has climbing section with many Greek and European distinctions.For more information of the club you can visit their official site

Climbing areas:

1) Mesovouno, red rock , about 3-4km mountain , with 6 routes that begins from 5 to 8 difficulty.

2) Also a gtood field fort sport climbing not far from Kozani is on the road to Edessa just across the snail factory of Plitsi after the first gas station after the raild road with routes of all tastes and all difficulties  , but minus the stolen boards on most routes , there are the relay for top rope.

3) In the village Kariochori of Ptolemaida , 14km from Ptolemaida there are by Galani, Michaelides, Tsiranidis the rock pigeons for about 5 trails of various difficulties. 

4) Good choice and not far away from Kozani is the field of  Sfikia before the monastery on the road exactly.

5) After Xirolimni on the way to Siatista to the right there is a big cave with 5 routes but wants attention because only a few visit this field.

Climbing the Regional Union of Kozani στην Περιφερειακή Ενότητα Κοζάνης

In E.E. mountaineering clubs who generously offer their experience and asistance to whoever wants to become a parttaker of a similar experience :
  • Greek mountaineering Club Kozanis phone : 24610 -25600

  • Club of Greek climbers Kozanis phone : 24610-25909

  • Department of Greek Touring Club phone : 24610-30330

  • Ski mountaineering group of Ptolemaida phone : 24630-27501 

  • Mountaineering Club Εordaia phone : 24630-53953

  • Mountaineering club of Siatista phone : 24650-22805

  • Mountaineering Club of Velvento Phone  : 24640-31088

  • The mountain part of the cultural group of Serbia "The castles" phone : 24640-22555

  • Mountaineering brigade Aianis Αιανής phones  : 2461098887, 2461098843

And if people are not satisfied with a simple introduction to the mountains and their secrets are equiped several mountain shelters able to give to the natural lover waiker the necessary warmth and tranquility to continue the next day the trip to the top :

  • In Pieria  , in place Bara Avdela at an altitude of 1950m.Operates the shelter climbers Assoociation of Kozani capacity of 80 persons , equiped with heating  , fireplace , kitchen , toilet water. You can access it from the village shelters .The road is passable with a two-hour hiking path with signs. Information :Climbers Association Kozani phone 24610 -25909. 

  • In Pieria , in place Lagomana at an altitude of 1450m , operates a shelter of Greek mountaineering Club Kozani capacity of 40 persons , equiped with wood burning stoves , kitchen toilet , water. Access is from Velvento in village Palaiogratsano and then there is a dirt road . Information : Greek Mountaineering Club Kozani phone   24610-25600.

  • In Pieria , in place yurtia at an altitude of 1450m operates a shelter of the mountaineering Association of Velvento capacity of 30 persons , equiped with fireplace , wood burning stoves  , kitchen , toilet , water.Access is from the Velvento in village Katafygi.Information :Mountaineering Association Velneto phone  24640-31088.

  • In Askio in placeTsilimigas at an altitude of 1000 m operates a shelter with capacity of 60 persons , equiped with wood burning stoves  . kitchen , toilet , water. The access is from Ptolemaida and Vlasti and then there is a dirt road. Informations : Skiing Mountaineering Club of Ptolemaida phone 24630-27504.

  • In Vourino in place Tsiama at an altitude of 1360 , operates a shelter with capacity of 100 persons , equiped with wood burning stoves  , fireplace , kitchen and 2 water tanks. The access is from Kozani in Siatista and then there is a dirt road . Informations : Mountaineering Club of Siatista phone 2463027504.

In addition in the place "Red stone"operates a climbing Mountain Field of six routes and diversities of lengths (from 20m up to 60m) -Contact : Mountaineering Club Eordea and the Municipality of Vermion phone 2463031244 and 2463031204.

Suggested Routes :

Velvento – Shelter  G.M.C Kozani in place Lasgomana Having equiped with a positive attitude , appropriate shoes and clothes , light food and water we can begin to learn Pieria. The route is passable and appropriate for both children and adults. From Metochi of Velvento with a course  towards northwest we waik the dirt road that connects Velvento with the Village Katafygi .Having covered a distance of 600 m  we find on our left the begining of the trail , the same one that used older traders , merchants and residents of Katafygi before connecting the village with the forest road.Following the snakeshape course of the path that is visible , we see to our left the waterfalls of Skepasto. Area that will certainly distracts your attention and will awaken the photographer inside of you.While maintaining a relaxed pace ascent we continue our course on the slopes of Pieria , until after 2 hours of hiking we will encounter a fork in the road to the right , which we follow .We are entering a wooden area  , where the path defined by the existence of signs , sign such as red dots on the trunks of trees , sawn branches  ,stone pile on top which there is a stone facing the trail.There we will meet and a fire zone protection  , alongside which we move .On the right we can see a fire outpost and after 200m the shelter emerges.

Siatista– Bourino. In the National Road Kozani -Ioannina in the node for Siatista take the road to Paliokastro.Following the asphalt road for 1-2km , we will meat in our left a dirt road that leads to the shelter.Following it we will meet the sheepfolds of the area , where we can leave our car and continue on foot .There are two paths we can follow to the top. A) We follow the dirt road that leads to the shelter and cut right , leaving the shelter of the mountaineering club of Siatistas to our left.Remember that our goal is the top with which we have eye contact , thats why we make sure to follow one as possible smooth course.  

β) If we want our course to be more interesting from sheepfolds where we left our cars.We leave on our left the dirt road to the shelter and ascending diagonally the mountainside.The route leads us to the back side of the top Fairy  located at 1621m.Continuing the ascent we approaching the top Ntrisinikos at 1866m.

end faq


Ιn M.S.C. of Florina  to the Λεσπουρίδη room  it created and operates all year round a climbing track. Florina has mountaineering club and an official site .
The field of climbing located:

1) 'A very nice place for rock climbing with easy and difficult routes , as beautiful for the nights is after the Fishermen (village) continuing in a large hotel opposite the village , it is a dirt road you see sign for the path , at the first intersection of the trail we turn left and soon we descending in the lake. There is next to nice paths and if you continue 50 meters in your left has an other easier with a small positive leaning.

2) In the Basin of Sklithros

3) In the area of Prespes

4) Some routes are located in the region of Aetos area

Hiking Trails Regional Uninty of Florina

The R.U.(Regional Union) of Florina is the entrance for two of the largest European mountain trails , the E4 and  E6.The E4 trail starts from the Pyrenees , passes the Alps and crosses the former Yugoslavia state into Greece through the outpost of Niki in Florina and ends to the Acroterion of Tenaro.In the region of  Florina , the path is crossing the mountains Varnounta and Vernon with a direction south andsoutheast through St.Panteleimon ends to the towersd of Eordea.The E6 path enters the R.U. from Voras , continues to Varnounta and Prespa and from there is directed towards the coast of Epirus.The routes are truly breathtaking and includes mainly rorest and rural roads and paths , while in E4 is "provided" a crossing to the lake of Vegoritida by boat. The combination of all these routes is a unique experience.

1η διαδρομή:

Florina– Νυμφαίο : Traversing Ε4

Kilometres : 20        Hours : 7    Direction : South

Altitude Difference: 1.000 meters.  Lowest Point: 630 μ. Highest Point: 1700μ.

Vegatation: Dense Beech Forest       Drinking Water: 6 sources

Degree of difficulty  route: Moderate ,   Signage: YES (Ε4)

Description: Departure from the fountain of "Karagiozhs" with direction of the location Derveni(2 hours) .Then we follow the path to the shelter of the rose (1 ½ hours). We follow the path to the hotel "Puglia" in Drosopigi (1 hour) , going up to the abandoned village of old drosopigi from the paved path with destination the hills (altitude 1,673 m) Course of 2 hours.After wailikg half an hour more , we arrive at the Nymphaeum. 

Vigla – Agios Germanos: Traversing the path Ε6.

Hours : 6
Direction : Βορειοδυτική
Altitude Difference : - 650 meters. 
Lowest point: 1000 m. 
Highest point: 2156 m.
Vegetation: Alpine
Drinking water: three sources
Degree of difficulty route: Moderate to Hard,   Signage :YES (Ε6)

Description: Departure from Vigla Pisoderi with direction northwest on mount Varnous shelter in place Kosagia. We follow the forest road and after two hours we march in the above mentioned shelter.Then we follow the path E6 in the base of Kivanitsa with direction to the top called Kalo nero (altitude 2156 m)  

Course hours 2. Then in the same direction  , after passing the balconies (especially good location with view to the lakes ) we are descending to the village of Agios Germanos.

3η route

Mountain Trekking Voras (Rumanina school  – Prophet Elias

Kilometers :12      
Hours : 7    
Direction :Northeast
Altitude differences: 1377  μ.
lowest point : 1147 μ.
Highest point : 2524  μ.
Vegetation : Alpine plains
Drinking water :  One source
Degree of difficulty route : Hard
Signage : No

Description : Departure from the location Romanian school , which is above the village of skopos , with direction northeast and face alwats the top we find the abandoned military outposts at an altitude of 2157 m (Three hours) After waiking an hour we reach the top , which is also the mausoleum of the first World war battle.Return by the same trail to the romanian school in three hours driving.

4th route

Arround little Prespa   local path
Kilometers: 18
Hours : 6
Direction : Northeast
Altitude differences : 0 m.
Lowest point : 850 m.
Highest point : 1332  μ.
Vegetation : Beech-Cedars
Drinking water :  one source
Degree of difficulty route : Moderate
Signage : from times to times

Περιγραφή : We depart from the village Pyli to Vrontero from the asphalt road.At 500m left begins the path in the forest of beeches.We head to the deserted village of Pixos(one hour) .After waiking in the meadows and the asphalt road , we arrive in the village Vrontero. We descending to the deserted village Agathoto (half hour) and turn left , following the lakeside path that takes us to the meadows.Then we find the deserted village Daseri (3 hours) and after a course of one hour we arrive at the village Pili from were we started.

Interest presents the flora with 1,200 species of ferns and unique in Europe elder forest of cedars

5th route

Vigla - Melas. Local path
Kilometers : 13
Hours : 41/2
Direction : Southwest
Altitude differences : -750m.
Lowest point : 900 m.
Highest point : 1918 m.
Vegetation : Dence forest
Drinking water :  two sources
Degree of difficulty route :  Easy
Σήμανση : NO

Description : Departure from Vigla Pisoderi with direction to the pit of the forest road (half an hour) . We are crossing the river and turning right under the peak of Gorina towards to the top of Falakro (alt. 1918) At the top there is a military cemetery (two hours) .We continue to the same trail and in 11/2  hours we reach the village of Ano Melas and after a cource of half an hour we reach the village Melas , where is the refuge and the home of Pavlos Melas .

end faq