The capital of the regional unit is the city of Florina. The region is distinguished for its unspoiled natural beauty, as a result of the combination of rich water and mountainous volume (six natural lakes, the Prespes National Park) and the existence of important cultural monuments (Byzantine monuments, historical center, traditional settlements, galleries, remarkable music tradition).

αρκούδες ©αρκτουρος

Bear Schelter © Arcturos

The above characteristics make the Regional Unit of Florina an all year round tourist attraction with many points of interest, covering the expectations of the most demanding travellers.

Αγ. Αχίλλειος Πρέσπες

Agios Achilleios Island | Prespes

general information

The prefecture of Florina borders on the north with the state of North Macedonia and on the west with Albania. The lake of Megali Prespa is the point of contact of the three states. 

Its mountain mass consists of the mountains Varnundas, Vernon (Vitsi) and Voras (Kaimaktsalan), whose mountain ranges end in the fertile plains of Prespes.

The Regional Unit of Florina has a total population of 50,000 inhabitants, with the largest cities being Florina (17,700) and Amyntaio [Aminteo] (3,700).

Worth visiting

Some points of interest that make Florina one of the most popular alternative destinations in Greece are presented here:

  • The National Park of Prespes
  • The 4 lakes of the Municipality of Amyntaio [Aminteo] 
  • The traditional stone-built village of Nymfaio [Nimfeo] 
  • The shelters of  Wolf and Bear in the Municipality of Amyntaio
  • The wineries of Amyntaio that can be visited
  • The Cross of Florina
  • The Sakulevas River and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Florina

Lake Zazari, Amyntaio © Ioannis Ioannidis


The traditional recipes in Florina are mainly based on three famous regional products: the giant beans of Prespes, the red peppers of Florina (P.D.O.) and the yellow potatoes of Sklithro.

In the Municipality of Amyntaio you will find three restaurants that have been distinguished with golden hats (Greek Gastronomy Prizes).
What is more, many exceptional wines are produced in the area of Amyntaio, the northernmost vineyard of the country, where many wines have the indication P.D.O. Xinomavro red indigenous wine variety is mainly cultivated in the vineyards of the area.


For anyone who loves activities in the nature, the wider area of ​​Florina and especially the lakeside areas and mountains are ideal destinations for activities! The options are many and can satisfy even the most demanding.

  • Skiing in Pisoderi
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Canoe
  • Horseback riding


Florina is accessible via car, train and bus. 

1) By car: From south Florina is connected through Egnatia Motorway and its vertical axe from Kozani.

2) By bus: There are regular daily routes that connect Florina with Thessaloniki, Athens, Kozani and other cities. 

3) By train: There is daily direct connection with Thessaloniki, as well as with Athens with an intermediate station “Platy”. Information here.

4) Car Rental: Travellers that arrive with bus or train can also rent a car and explore the attractions of the regional unit.

Nearby excursions

Although there are several options for a multi-day vacation in the Florina area, you can also visit two nearby popular destinations.

1 Kozani

Kozani is only 50 minutes away from Florina. There you can visit the city center, the Folklore Museum and the Lassani Manor House.

2 Kastoria

The journey from the city of Florina to Kastoria takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. We suggest a short excursion to visit the lake, the manor houses of the old city, the Dragon cave, as well as the Neolithic Lake Settlement in Dispilio.

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