Travel guide of grevena region

The area of ​​Grevena with its capital city Grevena, is endowed with rare and wild natural beauty, while offering many points of interest and attractions for the visitors.

Μπάλτσες, Βάλια Κάλντα © Θωμάς Μπιζιούρας

Valia Kalda © Thomas Biziouras

The enchanting landscapes of the forests in the large mountain massifs, frame the rivers that flow through the area and give life to nature. At certain times of the year, rivers are ideal places for getaways, either for swimming or for rafting and canoe.

The traditional villages, the stone bridges, the old churches and the monasteries that are scattered throughout the area, as well as the existing rich flora and fauna prove the harmonious coexistence of the inhabitants with the environment.

Γεφύρι του Παλιομάγερου © Θωμάς Μπιζιούρας

Stone Bridge of Paliomagerou © Thomas Biziouras

General information

The regional unit of Grevena occupies the southwestern part of West Macedonia. It borders the regional units of Kozani, Larissa, Trikala, Ioannina and Kastoria. According to the 2011 census, the population of the Prefecture of Grevena is about 31,500 people. The largest city is Grevena with 13,100 inhabitants followed by Deskati with a population of 3,500 inhabitants.

Αρκουδόρεμα, Βάλια Κάλντα © Θωμάς Μπιζιούρας

Arkoudorema | Valia Kalda © Thomas Biziouras

Worth Visiting

Grevena is as one of the most popular mountain destinations in Greece because of the following points of interest.

  • the Valia Calda National Park
  • the National Ski Center of Vasilitsa,
  • the North Pindos National Park
  • the traditional stone bridges spread in all regional unit
  • The Vounasa Base (hut) of the Mountaineering Club of Deskati at 1.415m alt.
  • The Annitsa WW2 Monument


In Grevena you can taste:

  • A large variety of cooked, grilled or spit-roasted meat,
  • its traditional pies,
  • local pasta,
  • excellent cheese products
  • large variety in mushroom recipes


For anyone who loves nature and the activities in it, the wider area of ​​Grevena and Deskati is a paradise! The options are many and can satisfy even the most demanding travellers.

  • Skiing in Vasilitsa
  • Hiking – Mountaineering
  • Cycling
  • Rafting, canoe & cayak
  • Landscape Photography
  • Wild mushrooms collection
Άγρια Μανιτάρια © Θωμάς Μπιζιούρας

Wild Mushrooms © Thomas Biziouras


Access to Grevena can only be done by road.

The city of Grevena is 484 km from Athens, 170 km from Thessaloniki, 100 km from Ioannina, and about 140 km from Larissa.

Access from all over Northern and Western Greece is easily made via the Egnatia Odos, while for the southern areas the access is via Trikala national road.


Grevena is an ideal starting point for the region’s attractions but also for two nearby popular destinations.

1 Metsovo

After around 40 minutes car drive you can reach Metsovo, one of the most picturesque settlements in Greece. There you can tour the traditional town, visit its museums and its old churches, and enjoy your coffee or lunch at the main square.

2 Kastoria

The journey from the city of Kozani to Kastoria takes around 45 minutes. We suggest for a short excursion to visit the manor houses of the city, the Dragon cave, as well as the Dispilio Lakeside Neolithic Settlement.

3 Meteora

Around an hour drive takes to reach the magnificent rock formation and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Meteora with its the six active Monasteries on top of the rocks.

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