Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Φλωρινας

Shortly after entering the city and opposite the Railway Station, visitors of Florina have the opportunity to visit one of the city’s jewels, its Archaeological Museum.

Είσοδος Μουσείου Φλώρινας

Entrance of the museum

What to expect

The exhibits are presented on two levels, on the ground floor and the first floor. The ground floor exhibition, which is divided into four halls, includes three main sections.

In the first hall visitors are informed about the geomorphology and history of the area covered today by the Regional Unit of Florina, from the time of the appearance of the first archaeological remains (5,800 BC) until the end of the Roman period.

Αίθουσα ισογείου

Groundfloor hall

Representative sculptures, mainly from Roman times, are displayed in two halls, while the last hall exhibits a mosaic that decorated the floor of a Roman building from the village “Kato Kleini”, which was detached from its place and preserved.

The 1st floor is divided into two parts. In the first part you can see findings of the Hellenistic period that come from the excavations of archeological sites in Petres Amyndeon and Florina.

Ευρήματα Ελληνιστικής Εποχής

1st floor

The Byzantine era in the second part of the first floor, is represented by an exhibition of murals, parts of iconostasis, pulpits of temples of the islet of Agios Achilleios Prespa, but also pottery and jewelry from excavations in the same area.


Address: Railway Station 8, PC 53100, Florina (Prefecture of Florina)

Telephone: +30 23850 28206, +30 23850 23282


Working hours: 08:30 till 15:30 Wed-Mon

Entrance fee: €3,00 

Sources:Museum guide,  Ministry of culture and sports
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