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High summer temperatures are often in Greece and make the daily life of the inhabitants unpleasant some times. However, there are several mountain villages in our region where the temperatures stay at normal levels and make them oases of cool.

Due to the high altitude the temperatures in the mountains of Western Macedonia during the day are lower by 10 degrees Celsius (° C) compared to other parts of Greece. Especially at night, the temperature drops below 20 ° C and it is common for residents and visitors to sleep with a blanket or a quilt. This is the main reason that “air conditioning” and “summer heat” are unknown words to the inhabitants of several settlements in our region, and in particular to the following four villages.

Sidirochori | Kastoria (1.050m.)


View from Sidirochori © Pavlou Christos

Built at an altitude of 1,050 meters, and at a distance of only 9 kilometers from the city of Kastoria you will find an area blessed by nature! The tall oaks, the meadows and of course the beautiful view of Kastoria and Lake Orestiada are just some of the characteristics of the village. Visitors will find old red brick built houses, stables, and beautiful gardens made with passion from their owners.

VLASTI | KOZANI (1.240μ.)

Θέα Βλάστης από ψηλά © travelseefeel

View of Vlasti © travelseefeel

Vlasti, the historic Blatsi, is built at an altitude of 1,240 meters, on an alpine plateau framed by virgin beech, pine and fir forests, between the mountains Siniatsiko (Askio 2.111m.) And Mouriki (1.650m.), North of Kozani and at a distance of 25 km from Ptolemaida. Travellers can visit the church of Agios Markos built in 1856 a.D., the church of Agios Nikolaos (1761 a.D.) with the wood-carved iconostasis from Moschopolis, the numerous fountains of the village, the Thomaideid Doctrine (1860), the Museum of the  ”Weaving Factory (1963), and the Branakeio Primary School (1925). Outside the settlement, it is worth taking a walk to the watermill of Giannioti, to the church of the prophet Elias (1917) in the glade of the beech forest, but also to the monastery of Agios Panteleimon to admire the view from the altitude of 1540m.



Nymfaio (Nymféo) is a characterized traditional settlement, built at an altitude of 1,350 meters east of the Amyndeon prefecture and on Mount Vitsi. The natural environment of the village is unique, since the settlement is surrounded by beech forests, natural pastures and other cultivated areas. The image of the settlement is imposing with the cobbled streets as well as all the buildings built of stone and peculiar sheet metal roofs. Additionally, in Nymfaio there are important attractions and information sites for visitors, such as the traditional mansions, the Nikeios School, the Folklore Museum and the brown bear shelter of ARCTOUROS.



Samarina is a famous Vlach village of North Pindos, located near the border of Western Macedonia and Epirus. It is built at an altitude of 1.450 m. on the northeastern slopes of Mount Smolikas (2.637 m.). It is built between dense forests of pine, beech, boxwood and robolo. It has plenty of cold water springs, incomparable natural beauties , old churches and many attractions in and around the village.


Sidiroxori , Σαμαρίνα 
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