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Are you planning your next trip to Western Macedonia in Northern Greece, and you still need some tips about attractions and places you should visit?  On Tripadvisor’s list of the 10 top attractions of Western Macedonia (09/2021) you will find in brief the information and inspiration you need.

The final ranking was created based on the number of reviews and traveler reviews, and we hope it helps you organize your trip.

10. Sakoulevas river, Florina

If you visit Florina, you should definitely make a walk on the banks of the river Sakoulevas. You will be impressed by the picturesque traditional houses, which were showed in many films of the awarded Director Theodoros Angelopoulos. 


9. Island of Agios (Saint) Achilleios, Florina

One of the most visited places in Western Macedonia is the Island of Agios Achilleios. The island is part of the Prespes National Park and it is accessible through a large pedestrian bridge. Don’t forget to visit the famous homonymous three-aisled royal church dating from the late 10th century .

Αγ. Αχίλλειος Πρέσπες

Agios Achilleios, Photo: Shutterstock

8. Alpha Estate, Florina

On the shores of Lakes Vegoritida and Petron is the viticultural zone of PDO Amyndeon wines with several well-known wineries. The Alpha Estate is included on the list with the 100 best wineries around the world (2021).

Αμπελώνες Αμυνταίου

Amyndeon Wine Region

7. Prehistoric Lake Settlement in Dispilio, Kastoria

The Prehistoric Lake Settlement of the modern Neolithic period, is only 5km from Kastoria. It was developed around Lake Orestiada from the middle of the 6th millennium BC, until the middle of the 4th millennium BC. In the exhibition area you will see many finding of that period as well as an accurate representation of the lake settlement. 

Prehistoric Settlement  📷 Polychronidis Kyriakos

6. Kastoria Aquarium

The largest freshwater aquarium in the Balkans is located in Kastoria, within walking distance of the lake.
It hosts indigenous, endemic as well as a large number of foreign species of fish that live in the lakes and rivers of Greece and the Balkans.

Ενυδρείο Καστοριάς

5. The Dragon’s Cave, Kastoria

The Dragon’s Cave is situated on the shore of Lake Orestiada, at a very short distance from the city of Kastoria. It is one of the newest, and most impressive caves in Greece and it features seven underground lakes, 10 chambers and five tunnels. 

Σπήλαιο Δράκου © ΕΤΔΥΜΑ / Γ. Ζαρζώνης

Dragon’s Cave © ETDYMA / G.Zarzonis

4. Mavriotissa Monastery, Kastoria

The monastery is located on the shores of lake Orestiada, only four kilometers from the town of Kastoria. It is a Byzantine gem built in 1082 AD. The exterior frescoes include emperors of the Byzantine empire.

Καστορια Μοναστήρι

3. Brown Bear shelter, Nymfaio, Florina

The Brown Bear Shelter hosts 13 bears (09.2020) and the visitors can for sure see some of them from a relatively close distance during the tour.

During the tour you will be informed about the changes in the behaviour and the way of living of the bear through years.

Καφέ αρκούδες © Αρκτούρος | Arcturos

Brown Bears © Od. Chloridis/Arcturos

2. Prespa lakes 

The lakes of Prespa, which are included in the National Park of Prespa, are particularly important due to their biodiversity and endemic species of flora and fauna.


  1. Lake Orestiada

The top attraction of Western Macedonia | Northern Greece is Lake Orestiada, also called Lake of Kastoria. It is one of the most emblematic and most photographed lakes in Greece with many attractions on it’s lakeside, and of course the town of Kastoria is built on the peninsula of the lake. It is also a natural habitat for many species.

kastoria ©ioannis ioannidis

Lake Orestiada © Ιoannis Ιoannidis

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