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The Tourism Company of  West Macedonia was established in 1999 following an initiative of the Region of West Macedonia. The headquarters of the company is at Kastoria. The purpose of the company is:

  • The contribution to the tourism development and promotion of West Macedonia.
  • The coordination of the all stakeholders that pursue the tourism development etc.

The Board:

The new Board of Directors of the Tourism Company of Western Macedonia from 2019 consists of the following executives:

  • Georgios Vavliaras, President,
  • Ioannis Korentsidis, Vice President,
  • Dimitrios Savvopoulos, Treasurer
  • Lambros Chatzizisis, member
  • Ioannis Stratakis, member
  • Apostolos Dianelos, non-executive member
  • Ioannis Iatridis, non-executive member


Our goal is to highlight the beautiful mountains, the unique water wealth in lakes and rivers, our rich cultural heritage and activities of the four regional units of West Macedonia (Grevena, Kastoria, Kozani, Florina).


Address: Headquarters, Office 3, 3rd floor, PC 52100, Kastoria

Telephone: 24673 50229

E-mail: etdyma(at)

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