For all nature lovers, “Artemis” organises all kinds of activities, for intense but also quiet moments, but always special. All activities are ideal for families, groups, schools, for young and old “children”.

“ARTEMIS is an activity center, specialised in recreational excursions in the Natura Regions 2000 of Amyndeo”


Who would not want a horse ride on enchanted mountain trails? Riding in the shade of age-old trees with the unique accompaniment of the sounds of the forest and images taken from fairy tales.

A visit by bicycle to the wolf shelter in Agrapidia, a walk on the fishermen’s path to Lake Zazari, canoeing in its calm waters and climbing an artificial tower are some great activity ideas for you.

The region

The area in which the company operates, is the southwestern tip of the prefecture of Florina (Nymfaio – Sklithro – Zazari). This is an ideal destination that provides opportunities for a variety of excursions, such as hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. Especially for hiking, you have the opportunity to  walk on new routes, such as the “Paths of Peace” or the “Paths of Civil War”.


The company has complete equipment for each all provided activities.

  • Horses: Horses offer a very special experience as in addition to riding, they lead you to a unique bond with this special creature.
  • Bikes: 30 mountain bikes are at your disposal,
  • Canoe on Lake Zazari: Two Canadian-style canoes joined together, all of them with life jackets, helmets and protectors.
  • Full equipment for arching
  • Bird Watching: necessary equipment for bird watching.

Most of all, the properly’s trained staff will accompany you in every activity and will ensure your safety and comfort.


Artemis : Ιστοσελίδα

Facebook: Artemis oe – Άρτεμις οε

Instagram: @artemisoe_sklithro

Phone numbers:

  • 2386031028
  • 6942914881(Nikos)
  • 6980225874 (Sakis)
  • 6974076527 (Takis-Dimitris)


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