The frozen lake Petron

Lake Petron has a seductive beauty, especially during the winter months. It is one of the four connecting lakes of Amyndeon that belong to the European network of protected areas Natura 2000 and is a refuge for 130 species of birds, among which quite rare.

Προβλήτα λίμνης πετρών

Lake Petron © Vivian Evangelou Misirli

Βάρκα μέσα στην λίμνη

Fisherman’s boat © Vivian Evangelou Misirli

In winter, due to the extremely low temperatures in the area, the lake for a long time acquires a thick layer of ice that covers most of it, creating a stunning alpine setting that any landscape photographer was dreaming of.

Εκκλησάκι της Μεταμόρφωσης του Σωτήρα © Βίβιαν Ευαγγέλου Μισιρλή

Church of Metamorfosis Sotira © Vivian Evangelou Misirli

Παγωμένη λίμνη των Πετρών στο Αμυνταιο

Reeds © Vivian Evangelou Misirli


The lake is located south of Florina, just outside Amyndeon (Amyntaio). Access from other prefectures is easy via the Egnatia Highway, leaving the exit at the junction of Koilon and heading to Ptolemaida and Amynteo.

  • Depth: 5 m.
  • Area: 10 sq. km.
  • Altitude: 560 m.

Βίβιαν Ευαγγέλου Μισιρλή

Vivian Evangelou Misirli lives in Lechovou. She is a Radio Producer at Rhythm 104, a journalist and her hobby is the landscape photography.

Instagram: queen_vivian_

Source: naturagraeka
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