Skepasmeno waterfalls kozani

At western Pieria Mountains and at the entrance of the stream “Lafista”,  starts one of the most beautiful and popular gorges of Macedonia, the Gorge of the nine muskrats, or otherwise the “Skepasmeno”. The stream starts from Katafygi village and flows into the Lake Polyphytos, near Velvendo, a small town in the regional unit of Kozani.

Waterfalls of Skepasmeno

Waterfalls of Skepasmeno © ΕΤΔΥΜΑ / Zarzonis G.

“Skepasmeno” is covered from  vegetation forming a series of impressive waterfalls and is a landscape of natural beauty, with natural ponds, plane trees, icy springs, lush vegetation and impressive rocks.

Waterfall Skepasmeno

Waterfall Skepasmeno © ΕΤΔΥΜΑ / Zarzonis G.

The path

The gorge is located only 2.5 km from Velvendo and its entrance starts with a recreation area. A beautiful landscaped stone path,  ideal also for families with children, will lead you higher to the waterfalls. 

Σκεπασμένο Βελβεντό © visitwesternmacedonia

The stone path to the waterfalls © visitwesternmacedonia

Σκεπασμένο Βελβεντό © visitwesternmacedonia

Skepasmeno © visitwesternmacedonia

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