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The Artificial Lake of Polyfitos is one of the largest in Greece. It covers an area of 74 km2 (flooded) and gets water mainly from the longest river of the country, Aliakmonas. The lake’s highlight is the Village Neraida (fairy) where anyone can view and photograph the large bridge of Servia that crosses the lake.

Θέα λίμνης Πολυφύτου © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ.

West view of the lake © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ.

However the most spectacular point is around 20km away. Driving from Servia to Larissa, after the village Prosilio you will find the intersection to go up to the chapel of Agios Christoforos. The chapel is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters, at the top of the mountain, over the Lake Polyphytos. The exterior of the church has been built to protect the old chapel of Agios Christoforos which is located inside and visitors can still see frescoes of past centuries.

Ξωκλήσι Αγ. Χριστοφόρου © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ.

Chappel of Agios Christoforos © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ.

Πλατφόρμα παρατήρησης © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ.

Viewing platform © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ.

In addition to the Temple, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the largest part of Lake Polyphytos from the small observation platform. From this point you can clearly see the two bridges of the lake, the city of Kozani, the dam of Hilariona and mainly to enjoy the wild and unique nature of the area. It is wise to bring something to eat and drink while enjoying the view.

Θέα γέφυρας Ρυμνίου © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ.

The small bridge of Rymnio at the east side of the lake © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ. 

Πλατφόρμα παρατήρησης © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ.

Πλατφόρμα παρατήρησης © Ε.Τ.ΔΥ.ΜΑ.

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