Text: Nikolaos Marmaridis | Cover image: Christos Mintses


Prespes and in general the Prespa National Park is an ideal place to visit all 4 seasons of the year. It’s a place where we can distinguish many different species of flora and fauna, while it can offer us unique experiences in each of our visits.

Χειμώνας στις Πρέσπες

Χειμώνας στις Πρέσπες | Winter moments in Prespes

Those who visit our region in autumn or winter, are not deprived of the opportunity to do activities and excursions in nature.

Based on weather conditions, you can visit most of the monuments either by car, or by boat in the small and big Prespa, or through walking routes.

Άγιος Αχίλλειος - Πρέσπες

Άγιος Αχίλλειος – Πρέσπες

Dividing the area into three parts the visitor can fill 3 whole days.

1st day

For the first day the best choice is the village “Mikrolimni”, in which you will find several walking routes, you will be able to visit important cultural monuments and boating with solar boats on “Mikri” Small Prespa. The highlight is visiting the (abandoned) villages of Kranies and Sfika.

Ηλιακό Σκάφος Πρέσπες © wildlife and culture

Ηλιακό Σκάφος – Μικρή Πρέσπα | Solar boat © wildlife and culture

2nd day

The second day you can start hiking at the paths of the island of Agios Achillios, where you should visit the Basilica ruins. You can also go boating by solar boat in “Mikri” Small Prespa, while then you can head to the villages of Pyli and Vrontero for walking routes and visiting cultural monuments such as Zachariadi Cave, Daseri, Kokkalis Cave, Pixos and Agathos.

Χειμερινή Περιήγηση στις Πρέσπες © wildlife and culture

Χειμερινή Περιήγηση στις Πρέσπες | Guided tours © wildlife and culture

3rd day

On the third day you can choose the villages of Psarades for boating in the “Megali” Great Prespa and Agios Germanos for visiting cultural monuments and walking routes. In Psarades it is worth visiting the hermitages by boating or by the path while in Agios Germanos the homonymous church (11th Century) and the watermill.

Useful information:

  • Where to find restaurants : Agios Germanos , Mikrolimni , Psarades , Agios Achillios
  • Cafes and small grocery stores : Lefkona, Plati, Laimos, Vrontero, Agios Germanos.
  • Activities and guided tours: Wildlife and Cultute at Agios Germanos, Eco Tourismο at Laimos
  • National Park visitor center : Agios Germanos, Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00
  • Necessary Equipment: Winter clothes, raincoat, boots or sportswear that can be used in places with dirt or mud.

Nikolaos Marmaridis is the president of the Social Enterprise “Wildlife and Culture” which has as its goal and vision the promotion of the Prespa National Park, local products through ecotourism and also the creation of voluntary actions for the protection of the environment and rescue of the areas culture.

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