Χρυσαυγή-καταρρακτης © ioannis ioannidis
bridge Chrisavgi © dimos_Voiou-Dionisis Mposiakas

Bridge of Chrisavgi © Dimos Voiou-Dionisis Mposiakas

The bridge of “Paliomagerou” or the “large bridge of Chrysaugi”, is built over Paliomagero stream and used to connect the Settlement of Chrysaugi with Pentalofos and Dilofo. According to tradition, the bridge was built in 1854 with the sponsorship of a robber, Nikolaos Zambros from Polyneri, Grevena. In a pursuit by the detachments, he could not cross the flooded stream and asked the people from the village to hide him. In return, he financed the construction of the bridge, and inspected the project hidden in the adjacent watermill.

Χρυσαυγή-καταρρακτης © ioannis ioannidis

“Καταρράκτης και νερόμυλος Χρυσαυγής Κοζάνης  © Ιωάννης Ιωαννίδης “

The master builder is considered to be Nikolaos Anagnostis Tzioufas from Dilofo village. The parapets were made by Efthymios Zioulas and Athanasios Poulios, although another tradition wants the last ones to be the only builders of the entire construction.

Χρυσαυγή-Κοζανη © ioannis ioannidis

“Μονότοξο γεφύρι Χρυσαυγής © Ιωάννης Ιωαννίδης ”

You will reach the bridge following a short pleasant hiking route from the center of the village. There you will also find a beautiful recreation area where visitors can admire an old watermill which has been recently renovated.

Recration Area behind the watermill © Dionisis Mposiakas

“The watermill © Dionisis Mposiakas “

Just before the watermill you will be impressed by Desi. It is a stone waterfall 25 meters long and 7.5 meters high that was built in 1855 for the operation of the watermill of the village.


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