Fam – Press Trip in Western Macedonia, Northern Greece

With main focus in the culture, history and traditions of our region, starts the first fam – press trip to Western Macedonia, organised by our Tourism Company under the Tourism Promotion Program, from August 29 to September 4, 2021

Fam trip Arctouros

Arcturos Bear Shelter


The team consists of eight tourism experienced professionals who represent different countries and a Greek-American journalist specialised in the North American market (USA – Canada).

“The program includes gastronomic, wine, cultural, environmental and other experiences that highlight the comparative advantages of the region in the most effective way.”

Γευσιγνωσία κρασιού στο Αμύνταιο

Wine tasting in Amyntaio

Implementing the first part of the trip, the group started from Thessaloniki to Vergina. The participants visited the Royal Tomb of Philip II (Father of Alexander the Great) and the museum of Vergina.

Next stop was the Nymfaio Village, where they had the opportunity to visit the bear shelter of Arcturos, and take a tour in the traditional settlement and its sights.

Επίσκεψη στο Νυμφαίο


An Award-winning winery of Amyntaio was the next destination with a parallel tour of the facilities and a tasting – presentation of the most important wine-labels.

In the area of Ag. Panteleimon they visited the premises of a company producing red pepper products (DPO) of Florina  with a presentation and tasting.

The gastronomy of the region was presented in the best way, with meals listed in Award-winning Restaurants in Xino Nero and Sklithro Villages, receiving excellent comments.

The journey continues with great enthusiasm and new updates will follow….

Επίσκεψη στο Νυμφαίο

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